Let the games begin! Sign up for E-sports Championship in Mumbai

Frames from a gaming contest

With a growing trend of e-sports in the city, gamers are always in search of new summits to conquer. To give them the best experience, website GamingMonk, has created a community where enthusiasts can jam with fellow gamers. They have created GamingMonk FIFA Championship (GFC), an event under their banner of offline events. "We started off as a journey to get together a bunch of gamers in a community and engage with them. Soon the culture of e-sports started growing, where many spectators and players started joining such tournaments for the passion of gaming and prizes," says Abhay Sharma, co-founder of the gaming website.

Abhay Sharma
Abhay Sharma

With increasing competition among tech savvy gamers, e-sports are the new story in the gaming industry in India. Sharma expresses the joy of seeing them lifting their trophy or achieving a grand prize at a tournament. He says that the gamers come back to prove something to the community, their parents and the world.

Sharma believes that gaming is not a waste of time; it's a sport now. Buffing up the prizes to Rs 50,000 to reward the winners this community is looking forward to ensuring that such events give it the statues of a spectator sport soon.

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