EPL: Coutinho set to start against Burnley, says Liverpool boss Klopp

Philippe Coutinho

Liverpool playmaker Philippe Coutinho is ready to start against Burnley and fill the void left by the suspension of Sadio Mane. The Senegal international is about to start a three-match ban for his dismissal in the 5-0 defeat at Manchester City and Coutinho would appear to be the ideal fit to replace him.

"Philippe should be ready to start," Reds manager Jurgen Klopp said. "It was really nice how the crowd welcomed him — no one was 100 per cent sure about this but the Liverpool family was sensitive enough to do this and for him it was good.

"He trained outstandingly in the few sessions we've had together since he was back. His game was not perfect but that is how it is after a long break, but it helped him and us.

It is always difficult to replace top-class players in a really good shape but we did it at the end of last season when we had to play without him. Phil has played at left and Alex (Oxlade-Chamberlain) can play there."

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