Rickshaw driver's young son electrocuted during Navratri revelry

In a tragic incident, a 22-year-old was electrocuted during the festivities on the last day of Navratri at Jogeshwari lake. The Mehwadi police have now registered an FIR against unknown BMC officials for the young man.

The boy was electrocuted after coming in contact with a live wire, hanging from a broken lamp on the boundary of the lake. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the FIR states that the man was a part of the procession when he went near the Shyamnagar lake’s boundary wall and accidentally touched a live wire of a broken lamp. 

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As per Amit Pawar, the victim’s cousin brother, “The lake comes under the jurisdiction of the BMC and they are responsible for looking after its maintenance and repairs.” Amit Pawar registered the police complaint and added, “Didn’t they know that during immersion procession, lakhs of people come here and such an incident could happen? It could have been anyone. Unfortunately, it was my little brother. He was the only son and the sole breadwinner for his family. He had just found a job after completing his graduation. His father is a rickshaw driver.”

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Subsequently, the police have filed an FIR against unknown BMC officials and the contractor, who was given the job of maintaining the lights near the lake. The case has been filed under section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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