Mumbai: ANC cracks down on drug addicts in Mahim; 10 arrested

Following an order from Mumbai Commissioner of Police, Dattatrey Padsalgikar, the Anti Narcotic Cell (ANC) has arrested 10 drug addicts from Mahim beach area. ANC's Worli as well as Bandra unit has been deployed for this operation in which around 15 to 20 policemen were there to lay the trap and arrest them.

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Mahim residents filed a complaint a few days ago, which is marked to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra fadanvis and Mumbai Commissioner of Police Dattatrey Padsalgikar, after which CP delegated this responsibility to ANC wing.

According to a Mahim resident, "there is a rise in the number of drug addicts in the locality. They generally frequent Mahim Railway station, bus deport, Mahim beach and an old Indian Customs office which is abandoned. The police have been unable to nab the drug peddlers, who supply narcotics to these addicts. There have been repeated knife attacks in the night due to inadequate police vigilance, making the area unsafe for residents, especially women. The beach is a secluded spot where several groups smoke Charas and Ganja at any time during the day. There is a bigger nexus operating in the area.”

Drug addicts arrested in Mahim
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The ANC also conducted a raid after the Mumbai Police Commissioner ordered it at one of the other locations that the druggies frequented -- the abandoned Indian Custom's office, during which 10 drug addicts were arrested.

Anti Narcotics Cell Deputy Commissioner of police Shivdeep Lande told midday, ”we received a complaint from Mahim residents after which we monitored the said area and finally laid the trap and arrested 10 persons from inside the Indian customs office, which is not in the use.”

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