Health: Top 5 ways to get a glowing skin during monsoon

We all wait to welcome the monsoon with open arms. The heavy downpour comes with childhood memories of raincoats, umbrellas, pakoras, khichdi, and lazy afternoons on bed. Though the rains bring with it a lot of respite from the summer heat, yet at times it also bring along a new bunch of skin problems. Getting drenched, walking on water logged streets, humidity, and staying in wet clothes for long hours result in physical discomfort and skin diseases.

However, if skin is taken care of on a regular basis, then you can get rid of problems and continue looking fresh and beautiful. Here are 5 simple tips to take care of your skin during monsoon:

1 Cleansing: Rain water contains lots of chemicals and pollutants. Therefore, proper cleansing is very important during the rainy season. Remove make up with a milk cleanser or makeup remover. For face, use face washes, foams, and cleansers over soap. Washing the impurities away from our skin allows it to breathe.

2 Toning: This is another process of skin cleansing. During monsoon, many airborne and waterborne microbes are let loose. So, use of a good anti-bacterial toner helps to prevent skin infections and eruptions. Dab toner on the skin with a cotton bud. Neem and rose water are also good toners to use during monsoon. However, those with very dry skin should stay away from toners or use very mild ones. It works well for oily and acne prone skins.

Health: Top 5 ways to get a glowing skin during monsoon

3 Moisturizer: Moisturizing in the rains is as important as it is in summer. Monsoons can mean a de-moisturizing effect on dry skin and an over-hydrating effect on oily skin. This is because, during this season, despite the humidity in the air, our skin can go completely dehydrated. It results in a dull lifeless skin. Moisturizing the skin daily night is a must for all types of skins. People who spend a lot of their time in an air-conditioned environment need to moisturize more frequently or else it makes the skin feel itchy. Use a non-water based moisturizer, if you happen to get wet often. Remember that even if you have an oily skin, you must use a thin film of water-based lotion on skin at night. However oily skins can avoid this product in day.

Health: Top 5 ways to get a glowing skin during monsoon

4 Sunscreen: Don't step out without sunscreen protection even during monsoon. As long as there is daylight, our skin needs protection from UVA and UVB rays. Apply min 25 SPF sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out. Ideally re-apply sunscreen every three to four hours. It is often a misconception in people’s mind that sunscreen is to be used only when there is sun around.

5 Keep dry: Try to keep hair and body folds dry especially after it gets wet in the rainwater. Don’t tie wet hair as it will lead to lice and fungal infections. Even on the body, various organisms flourish in moist and humid weather. Have a water bath if you have got wet in the rainwater. When you are out, keep some tissues or absorbent towel to wipe the excess rainwater. A dusting powder used on the body folds is also a good option.

(With inputs from Dr. Apratim Goel)

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